Learn it. Live it. Love it. Got more questions? Ask here.

Why is registration open so late?
Because we don’t want any half-assed, wanna-be, silk-wearing poseurs. You gotta be committed to do this (and we mean that in the literal sense). “Waaaaah, but I already signed up for a local USAC race!!!” TOO BAD FOR YOU, NUMBNUTS.

Why does it cost $76 for registration?
76 is a very significant number for Philadelphia. Think about it for a little while, and you’ll figure it out. Secondly, it costs us some serious change to bring this fine event to you. No matter how much we dream about it, it’s not possible to become rich doing this. But we’re trying not to go broke, either.

Ok, then what do I get in return for my $76?
For starters: Admission to 3 Parties, the day of Qualifying, and of course the Main Event on Sunday. But that’s not all! There’ll also be a goodie bag of nice & naughty things. A steady stream of handups. And if you order now…a hug from the promoter.

When does online registration end?
Online registration will close when we’re scared too many people are coming. Or December 1, whichever comes first.

Is a USAC license required?
F-to the double uck-No.

Do I have to be there all three days?
Pretty much, yup. Think of SSCXWC as a stage race. If you can’t party and goof off on your bike all weekend, you’re not getting a tattoo.

Where and when is registration packet pickup?
At Friday night’s party / art show at the fantabulous Keswick Bicycles in University City.

What if I can’t make it there by 9:00 p.m. on Friday?
Registration packet pickup is also available on Saturday from 8am to 5pm. But it means you’ve missed out on the first stage of the race. So you’re already losing the weekend, and will have some making up to do, Slappy.

Where can I find my start time for Saturday’s qualifier?
Your start time will be emailed to you prior to Saturday. It will also be included in your registration packets as well as published on this website.

What happens if I don’t qualify?
Then you race in the EAW field with the other…winners

What is the EAW field?
Everyone’s a Winner.

What’s the deal with EAW?
In order to keep the SSCXWC into becoming a hike-a-bike, the EAW race was created. Why is everybody in it a winner? Because they get to have the most fun during the rest of day. You get the full course, and get to party & heckle while the other folks are trying. Some people take this route on purpose. Those people have also ended up running SSCXWC13Philly.

Do women have to do the qualifier?
Unless we go over 100 women entries all women will automatically qualify for Women’s SSCXWC. But if you want to win, you need to do the qualifiers. There’s higher math involved here.

How do I know what race I’m doing on Sunday?
The qualifying list will be emailed to registrants on Saturday evening and posted on the website. However, the best way to find out if you have qualified for the Men’s SSCXWC race and the only way to qualify through the Final Feat of Strength is to be at the party. Those men who don’t qualify for the main event will still race on the SSCXWC course with an automatic entry into the Men’s SS EAW race.

Can I pre-ride the course?
No way. That would be taking this seriously.

Is this really a “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” race?
Does it have a rainbow? Then yes.

Do I have to race a singlespeed?
Yes. It can be a singlespeed ‘cross bike, mountain bike, unicicyle, tandem, anything but recumbent (unless you have a really good beard). You may do a day-of conversion of your geaered bike with zipties, duct-tape, or a good hammer — but it must be a singlespeed all weekend, and you might have a point deducted to our qualifier score. Commit to the Suffering!

What happens if I win?
You get the golden speedo (or bikini), and a free tattoo. Don’t want a tattoo? Don’t win. Focus on winning the day instead.

Are costumes mandatory?
You can dress up like a bike racer if you want. But you’ll be having less fun. And fun is the name of this game.

I can’t make it Friday and am just coming for Saturday and Sunday. Where are the races?
All over the Fightin’ City of Philadlephia. Check the Schedule. And if you can only come for Sunday plan on being the freshest, loudest spectator in town. We’ll need your energy.

Do I have to have a car to get around?
No. Philly has become exceptionally bike-friendly over the past few years. Most of the venues can be gotten to via a lot of bike paths & lanes. Sometimes you’ll be on regular roads, but cars are getting used to us. And you’re good at dismounting & running, right? (just kidding)

Is parking going to suck around the venue for the qualifier on Saturday?
Yes, because parking sucks in Center City Philly. You’re gonna be riding your bike all day anyway, might as well ride there. Or leave plenty of time to find parking and don’t whine when you’re running late. Whining will not impress the officials, nor the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Is parking going to suck around the venue for the SSCXWC on Sunday?
Nope. There’s actually plenty of parking around the Belmont Plateau. Just don’t park on the grass, otherwise you’ll get towed and we’ll use your car as a barrier at next year’s Bilenky Junkyard Cross.

Are the parties open to the public?
The public is not invited, but you and your friends are. Let’s keep it at that, otherwise we’ll run out of beer before the band gets to “Stairway to Heaven.”

I have a question that’s not answered here.
Try emailing us at info – at – sscxwc13philly – dot – com ‘cuz we love us the email (we are old).