Schedules / Venues

You can bank on a full weekend of bike- and party-related happenings in the City of Brotherly love. If you can’t have fun with what we’re planning for you, then you’re a dork. Or you’re incredibly independent and very excited to check out some bars and restaurants on your own. Or maybe you’re really competitive, and you’ll be in the hotel room with your feet propped up. Either way…here’s the schedule. Please note that it can, and most likely will, change at any moment. So keep your eyes on this page.

Friday, Dec. 6th

Group Rides
There’ll be a number of locals leading scenic, and underground, rides around Philly. Some will be in the daylight. Some will go deep into the night. None are mandatory, but all will be fun. Click here for a list of times and locations.

SSCXWC Registration Pickup / Art Show
Get all the info, swag and officialness while you party with your pinky out at Keswick Cycle from 6-9pm. After-Party options will be listed on the web site. Click here for info on the party!

Saturday, Dec. 7th

Bilenky Junkyard Cross, Protected by Stan’s NoTubes
This is a qualifying event for SSCXWC. And you get to ride through a real-life junkyard! Make sure your tetanus shots are up to date, and then go here for more info on the event.

The top 30 men finishers qualify for SSCXWC.
(Click here for more info on qualifications, it’s important)

Qualifier Ride
Don’t want to race through a junk yard? Rather ride around Philly? Try this qualifier. It’s a 3-4 hour ride through some of the most amazing and unknown parts of Philadelphia. Rides start and finish at Bicycle Revolutions. Groups are lead by locals, and each group of 10 or so competes against itself for points, and then all points are accumulated for the 60 qualifying spots.

SSCXWC Party and Last-Chance Qualifier
6:00 p.m. Lucy’s Hat Shop Bar & Lounge
We have the place to ourselves from 6-9pm with some free drinks, super cheap beer specials, a few more rounds on Red Bull, some food, and thumpin’ DJ action.
Plus it will be your last chance to qualify for SSCXWC. 10 spots will be available. They won’t be easy to get. But they will be worth it.
Lucy’s will stay open into the wee hours of the night. So while there are many other fine establishments in the general vicinity we’ll be surprised you ever leave.

Sunday, Dec. 8th

Belmont Plateau
Click here for Course Info PDF (Including parking, schedule and directions)
11am: “Everyone’s A Winner” (45 minutes)
Noon: Men’s SSCXWC (45 minutes)
1pm: Women’s SSCXWC (45 minutes)

SSCXWC Awards, Swag, “Who’s Got Next?” Party
6-9pm, Moshulu
The championship awards (aka tattoo display in golden speedos), swag toss, and the all-important “Who’s Got Next?” contest will take place on the good boat Moshulu from 6-9 on Sunday. They have some tasty grub on deck (no, not the poop deck) as well as some drink specials.
It’s a cash bar, but we’ll spot you a PBR to wet your whistle. Maybe more if you haven’t pissed us off by Sunday night.

SSCXWC Schedule/Venue Map

All of the aforementioned locations are noted here. Click here to see a bigger version of the map, along with a list of the venues.