SSCXWC - Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship

Get Your SSCXWC Philly Merch Here!

The course tape has been taken down, the ink has been applied to skin and the hangovers have mostly worn off. SSCXWC Philly is in the books.

We’re sure your memories, and maybe even your scars, from the weekend will be with you a long time. We’d also bet that you’d like to get some SSCXWC -branded merch from the weekend. Maybe you never got around to buying it, or maybe you didn’t know it existed.

Either way, come check out the fine, fine clothing, frames and more. Click here to visit the store!

But some stuff as a Holiday gift for a loved one…or as a nice treat for yourself.

Tees & Hoodies

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SSCXWC Philly “Official” Photos

We know you’ve all seen tons of great photos and images from SSCXWC all over the place in the past few days. Thanks to everyone who shot great pics, and shared them with all of us.

Believe it or not, we actually had someone embedded in our organization who was out there taking photos of everything. Abram Eric Landes has some great photos of the weekend, and you can see his gallery here.


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SSCXWC Philly Official Results

Adam and Vikki won the championships.

Louisville will host SSCXWC 2014.

The rest of us got a bad case of happiness and can’t make it to work today.


Thanks to Bicycle Revolutions for letting us use this Instagram photo without any permission.

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SSCXWC Qualifier Results : SSCXWC Saturday

Ok, kids! The big day is upon us! Qualifying sessions yesterday were great. Here’s the list of riders for today’s SSCXWC2103 in Philly. (There are a few more people to add to the list who got in through the Last Chance Qualifiers last night at Lucy’s Hat Shop. But they’re not listed here because that news came through after we went to bed. Those racers will know who they are, though…) See you on Parachute Hill!

Category Last Name First Name Qualifier Method

. Men Ace Todd Pizza Strength

. Men Amato Nat NOT YET

. Women Anderson Julia “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Women Anderson Nathalie “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Anderson Timmy NOT YET

. Men Ankers Adam Pizza Strength

. Men ansley will NOT YET

. Men Appeltans Jeff NOT YET

. Men army jay NOT YET

. Men Bacinski Joseph NOT YET

. Men baker chip NOT YET

. Women Barclay Vicki “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Batdorf Hal Junkard Cross

. Men Benros Dillon NOT YET

. Men Berry Luke Pizza Strength

. Men Biche Greg Junkard Cross

. Women Bishop Michelle “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Bissett Derek Pizza Strength

. Men blume jeremiah NOT YET

. Men bock jamie NOT YET

. Men Bowes Jim Pizza Strength

. Men Bowman Mark NOT YET

. Men Bradley Patrick Pizza Strength

. Men Bricker Blake NOT YET

. Men Brooks Brian NOT YET

. Men Bryan Coley Pizza Strength

. Men Bryant Gary NOT YET

. Men Buda Jason Junkard Cross

. Men Burge Christopher Pizza Strength

. Men Burkey Sean NOT YET

. Men Burris James NOT YET

. Men Calcagni Nick Pizza Strength

. Men campbell sean NOT YET

. Men Carman Steve NOT YET

. Men carney joanthan Pizza Strength

. Men Casale David Junkard Cross

. Men Cavey Mark NOT YET

. Men Chamblin Dave Junkard Cross

. Men cherefko chad Pizza Strength

. Men Christopher Drew Pizza Strength

. Men Cinch Stephen NOT YET

. Men Clapp Dillon NOT YET

. Men Clark Collin Pizza Strength

. Men Clark Kevin NOT YET

. Women Cohen Jennifer “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Colvin Jake NOT YET

. Women Conine Jennifer “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Costuros Matthew NOT YET

. Men Craig Adam Pizza Strength

. Men Craig Nathaniel Pizza Strength

. Men Croce Sean NOT YET

. Men Cushionbury Michael NOT YET

. Men D’Avino Mark NOT YET

. Men Dabler Randy Pizza Strength

. Men Daniels Grant Pizza Strength

. Men Day Timothy NOT YET

. Men deBeauclair Carl NOT YET

. Women Decosimo CAROLINE “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Delaney Joseph NOT YET

. Men DeWald Ryan NOT YET

. Men Dixon Watts Pizza Strength

. Men Drasher James NOT YET

. Men Dudek Ryan NOT YET

. Men Dulin Mike Junkard Cross

. Men Elrath Luke NOT YET

. Men Etgen Larry NOT YET

. Men etheridge craig Pizza Strength

. Men falwell matt Pizza Strength

. Men Farkas Andrew NOT YET

. Men Farrell Ian NOT YET

. Men Featherman Mark NOT YET

. Men Ferguson Jared Pizza Strength

. Men Ferraz Ron NOT YET

. Women Fleming Sarah “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Fornes Brian Junkard Cross

. Men Frane Jeff NOT YET

. Men Gantner George NOT YET

. Men Gellner Noah NOT YET

. Men Glassford Peter Junkard Cross

. Men Glose James NOT YET

. Men Gordon Jacob Junkard Cross

. Men Gorzynski Michael NOT YET

. Men Grady Pat NOT YET

. Men Griggs Derek Junkard Cross

. Men Grigonis Gabriel NOT YET

. Men Hadzor Randy Pizza Strength

. Men Hadzor Wesley Pizza Strength

. Men Halinar Robert NOT YET

. Men Hamad Paul NOT YET

. Men Harding Mark NOT YET

. Men Harries William NOT YET

. Men Hawk Zachary Junkard Cross

. Men Hays Kevin Pizza Strength

. Men heath greg Junkard Cross

. Men Hecht Steven NOT YET

. Women Heintzelman Briana “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men hellner jeffrey NOT YET

. Men Hilliard Corey NOT YET

. Men Hoehne Gary NOT YET

. Men Hollerbach George Pizza Strength

. Men Holmes Caleb Pizza Strength

. Men Howland David Pizza Strength

. Women Howland Jessica “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Hughes Larry NOT YET

. Women Hurford Molly “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men irvin neil NOT YET

. Men Joachim Dave NOT YET

. Men Johnson Nat Pizza Strength

. Men Jones Taylor Pizza Strength

. Men Kaplan Mateus Pizza Strength

. Men Kearns Nathan NOT YET

. Men kelly kevin Pizza Strength

. Men Kennedy Mike NOT YET

. Men Kline Justin Pizza Strength

. Men Knapp Tyler Pizza Strength

. Men Knee Max NOT YET

. Men Knepper Brent NOT YET

. Men Kugel Louis Pizza Strength

. Men Larrison Randy Shoogs NOT YET

. Men Lauriello PJ NOT YET

. Women Linscott Jocelyn “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Lochner Rob Junkard Cross

. Men Lolli Matt NOT YET

. Men Long Robert NOT YET

. Men Lowe David Pizza Strength

. Men luke demoe Junkard Cross

. Men Mabry Noah Junkard Cross

. Men Maggiore Nicholas NOT YET

. Men Mammarella Chris NOT YET

. Men Mankovich Thomas Pizza Strength

. Men Mann Jonathan NOT YET

. Women Mann Katie “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Mayer Douglas Pizza Strength

. Men McFarling Ryan Pizza Strength

. Men Miller Ryan Pizza Strength

. Men Molendyke Kris NOT YET

. Men Montalbano Mike NOT YET

. Men Montenegro Hernan Pizza Strength

. Men Mooney Sean NOT YET

. Women Morgan Jill “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Morrison Kirk NOT YET

. Men Morrison Matthew NOT YET

. Men Mory Matthew NOT YET

. Men Mossner Hans NOT YET

. Men muehl ricky NOT YET

. Men Mullen Joey Pizza Strength

. Men Murphy Rory Junkard Cross

. Men Murry Kyle NOT YET

. Men Myers Brian Pizza Strength

. Men Nathan Atkins Pizza Strength

. Men Neide Jr William NOT YET

. Men Nelson Christopher Pizza Strength

. Men Newman Adam NOT YET

. Men Newport Matt NOT YET

. Women Nobis Ashley “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men O’Donnell Sean Pizza Strength

. Men Oberman Cole Junkard Cross

. Men owens douglas NOT YET

. Men Patla Seth NOT YET

. Women Patterson Rosalind “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men pellman nat Junkard Cross

. Men pigga joe Pizza Strength

. Men Plunkett Keith NOT YET

. Women Popovic Carolyn “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Potestio Richard NOT YET

. Men Pronovost Hunter Junkard Cross

. Women Ramsey Reynolds Sandie “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Rapolas Ryan NOT YET

. Men Reed Christian Pizza Strength

. Men Reed Peter NOT YET

. Men Reimer Christian NOT YET

. Women Reinkordt Elisabeth “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Resch Bernhard Pizza Strength

. Women Reso Paulina “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Robson Andrew NOT YET

. Men rossman hahn Junkard Cross

. Men Rotkiske Sean NOT YET

. Men Roux Dave NOT YET

. Men Ruiz Jonathan Pizza Strength

. Men Salamon Randy NOT YET

. Men Saxton Stephen Pizza Strength

. Men Schafer Jon NOT YET

. Men Schalmo David NOT YET

. Women Schrock Kate “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Schuetze Ryan Junkard Cross

. Men Sea Dan NOT YET

. Men segal brian NOT YET

. Men Seiler Michael Pizza Strength

. Men Shaffer Nicholas NOT YET

. Men Shelton Robert Pizza Strength

. Women Sherrill Ellen “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Siemiarowski Jake NOT YET

. Men Simpson corey Junkard Cross

. Men simpson doug NOT YET

. Men Smith Bradford Pizza Strength

. Men Smith Tyler NOT YET

. Men Snyder Aaron Pizza Strength

. Women So Elizabeth “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Steckhan Uwe NOT YET

. Men Stine Christopher NOT YET

. Men Stotts Ashley NOT YET

. Men Straub Rich NOT YET

. Men Strong Derek Pizza Strength

. Men Sulak Vincent Junkard Cross

. Men Sundeen Kevin NOT YET

. Women Sutton Marcy “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Women Sweet Shauna “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Swift Jesse Pizza Strength

. Women Tabas Melissa “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Taylor Welcker NOT YET

. Men Thibault Kirk NOT YET

. Women Thiemann Nicole “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Women Thompson Caitlin “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Women Thompson Heidi “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Thompson Steven CHAOS NOT YET

. Men Tomkinson Abel Junkard Cross

. Men Trezza Justin NOT YET

. Men Trojan Doug NOT YET

. Men Tyler Matthew Pizza Strength

. Men Uniatowski Nick NOT YET

. Men Valenti Topher NOT YET

. Men vanarsdale bryan NOT YET

. Men Varner Daniel NOT YET

. Men Ventosa Jim NOT YET

. Men Veugen Zachary Pizza Strength

. Men Voytko Benjamin NOT YET

. Women Wakeman Heidi “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Women Walker Katina “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men walrod john Junkard Cross

. Men Walsh Jim NOT YET

. Men Webster Andrew Pizza Strength

. Men Wentzell Joseph NOT YET

. Men Westover William Pizza Strength

. Men Whetham Anthony Pizza Strength

. Men Whitehead Jermaine NOT YET

. Women Williams Edward “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Williams Ryan NOT YET

. Men Williams Travis NOT YET

. Men Wilpizeski Gary NOT YET

. Men Wolman Marc NOT YET

. Men Wong Ed NOT YET

. Men Wood Kelsey NOT YET

. Men yarnall mike NOT YET

. Women Yeager Selene “Boobs Auto Qualifier”

. Men Young Erin Junkard Cross

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Registration Pickup & Art Show Details

This party looks like it is going to be awesome.

If you are a registered rider, the party is included in your weekend of fun. Please see the volunteers at the door for all your registration needs.

If you are a fan of the race and coming to have fun with the rest of us non racing types, the party has a $10 cover.

We are getting art everyday, and we will be hanging some till the last minute.

We will have bike valet parking for around 50 bikes or so. We will also have some additional bike racks outside. Please bring a lock or have a friend with a lock. The party is right next to a major college campus and things can walk easily (especially front wheels).

Parking in West Philly on a Friday night can be difficult. If you want to park in a lot, please park in the Fresh Grocer lot that is two blocks from the shop. Make sure you do not leave anything of value visible in your car (even change).

We have had some generous donations of food and beverages. Please visit our sponsors and let them know you appreciate their support.

Some of the art is for sale. If you are interested in it, we can make arrangements with you to purchase it and take it home.

There will be a limited number of SSCXWC screen printed posters for sale for $10. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Brian Hackford and the rest of the Keswick Cycle crew are family to us. You are partying in their living room. Please be respectful of their space and all of the volunteers that are helping to make this the best event you have ever attended.

Please make sure that you bring your ID. We are 21 and over for real and our door guy don’t play games.