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What Are Substantially Equal Periodic Payments?

So, you’ve gotten the itch, haven’t you? Maybe it’s Belize, Rome, London? You’re looking to retire early and travel. Or maybe it’s to spend time with a family member, or to simply pursue your hobbies? Hey, it’s all good, it’s possible. We’ll talk about a variety of ways in this post.

Well, what are substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP)? They refer to a stipulation within the Internal Revenue Code called 72t. It’s a section that talks about the exceptions when pulling form your retirement account early. There are a handful of different requirements, but the basics are: the distributions must follow specific methods (1 of the 3 approved by the IRS), they must be over the course of 5 years or until you turn 59 1/2 years old (whichever is last), and you can’t stop the process once it’s begun (so you have to plan ahead and make sure you’re good to go).

Most websites online offer a 72t calculator, but that’s not the only step you need to take. It takes a little more planning to avoid the 10% withdrawal fee and meet all of the requirements. This is a huge plus, since it saves you so much money, but it’s very, very important to plan and execute it flawlessly.

Investing in E-Commerce

When it comes to the internet, everything is changing so quickly. Never before in history have we had so many changes in technology is such a short period of time. Does this affect business? Heck yes it does! And since business is affected, of course that includes marketing as well as investments.

One huge area that many investors are suggesting right now is e-commerce, especially online retailers selling a variety of items and products. This doesn’t only include the big giants (like Amazon), but also smaller companies like FR, an off-road accessory and gear outfitter. Their main product line includes some of the industries most durable roof racks (like the popular FJ Cruiser Racks‎), as well as off-roading accessories.

They also have a video of their Jeep Wrangler JK rack on YouTube, testing it’s true strength durability.

Wealth Through Real Estate: A Sound Investment?

So, we now live in an United States that has gone through another housing bubble. Even the luxury real estate in Arizona saw a big hit, which has been historically one of the best areas. The interesting thing is, history always repeats itself, so if you watch on a long enough timeline, you’ll be able to pick out the trends. This happened again between 2006 and 2008, when the loan and housing market got flipped upside down, wrecking many loans and causing financial chaos for many families.


However, if we flip the situation on its head for just a moment, it also presented one of the biggest transfers of debt free wealth in a very long time. This is because, the individuals who still had cash were able to buy properties at historically low values, and ride them back up into profits. This is how you make a sound real estate investment. It’s not the easiest way, and takes a lot of timing, but it can be done.

Financial Resource Spotlight: GCBAOnline.com

Good knowledge is half the battle when it comes to financial advice and wealth creation. Of course, the second half is actually taking action, so you have to have both, but in this article, let’s discuss a really awesome resource: GCBAOnline.com


GCBA is one of those great resources that provides a lot of different, useful information on finances, making money, saving money, wealth creation, retirement and even how to retire early. They have some interesting, unique articles too, which talk about the 72t process, as well as other unique solutions for rolling an IRA, as well as others.

Understanding How to Buy Media Advertisements

This post was submitted by Carlos Porter, a Phoenix water damage repair company consultant. He’s excited about anything related to marketing and advertising online.

Media advertising has been around for many decades, and continues to develop and evolve with the popularity of the Internet and mobile technology as both mediums grow exponentially over time.


As these technologies have advanced, media buying has gone much farther than just radio, TV and outdoor media. Companies like RockStar and RedBull have built massive brands around social media and large video production campaigns.

Media can also come about in the form of Phoenix SEO company (SEOSatori.com) campaigns, as well as many other online forms, including media banner buying, video media buying (/watch?v=ljOVaLjS9YI) and other forms of editorial sponsorship.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a form of marketing done by many online businesses, small businesses and especially national brands. It’s basically marketing in the search engines effectively (mostly Google) by targeting keywords as well as branding tersm that mean the most to your business.


Many online firms, both financial and legal (and fitness companies, like yacon syrup) have seen great results, bringing in new customers and growing their businesses. Just like any other type of marketing, it’s worth a test of your budget, to see how it will work for you.

There are lots of different places to look for quality Phoenix SEO companies, like on LinkedIn (or Pulse), or through less traditional avenues, like Medium posts that rank really well within Google itself (how’s that for showing results upfront?).